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Roland FR3x 2

Product: Roland FR3x-BLACK


Roland 3x V-Accordion Specifications

Keyboard Bass & Bellows

Right hand 37 keys, velocity sensitive
Left hand 120 velocity-sensitive bass buttons
Modes Standard, Free Bass, Orch. Bass, Orch. Chord, Orch. Free Bass
Bellows New sensor for the detection of bellows pressure (high-resolution pressure sensor, Bellows resistance regulator: wheel with fine adjustment

Sound Source

Tones 21 accordion Set + 4 User Set, each including: 14 Treble registers, 7 Bass registers, 7 Free Bass registers, 7 Orchestra Bass registers, 7 Orchestra Chord registers, 7 Orchestra Free Bass registers, 10 orchestral sounds, 10 organ sounds
Treble Reed footages 4
Bass Reed footages 5
Chord Reed footages 3
Free Bass footages 2
Wave ROM 64MB of waveforms
Max polyphony 128 voices
Orchestral Sounds 10: Trombone, Trumpet, T Sax, A Sax, Clarinet, Harmonica, Violin, Flute, El. Piano Org, Strings
Orchestral Bass Sounds 7: Acoustic, Bowed, Fingered, Fretless, Picked, Tuba, Tuba Mix
Orchestral Free Bass Sounds 7: Trombone, Clarinet, Oboe, Flute, Perc. Organ, Ac. Guitar, Ac. Piano
Orchestral Chord Sounds 7: Trombone, Clarinet, Oboe, Flute, Perc. Organ, Ac. Guitar, Ac. Piano
Organ Sounds 10: Perc Jazz, Jazz Ballad, Distort Organ, Full Organ, Overdr Organ, Popular Organ, Ligh Jazz, Bossa, Latin, Light Latin

PBM (Physical Behavior Modeling)

Noises Stopping-reed growl, closing valve noise, left button noise Individual reed simulation: Hysteresis threshold, expression curve, pressure variant filter, pressure variant pitch deviation Reed sound wave switching: by bellows acceleration, by note repetition speed
Musette tuning Micro tuning presets: 16 (Off, Dry, Classic, F-Folk, American L/H, North Europe, German L/H, D-Folk L/H, Alpine, Italian L/ H, French, Scottish)


  Reverb: 8 types, Chorus: 8 types, Rotary (Slow/Fast) for organ sounds, “Cassotto” and “Sordina” simulation

Panel controls

  Knobs: VOL, Treble/Bass BAL, Reverb, Chorus Panel Switches: 10 Treble registers + Set, 7 Bass registers, USER PROGRAM button, ORGAN/ORCHESTRA, SORDINA switch, POWER switch

Operation modes

ORCHESTRA/ORGAN modes Solo, Dual, High, Low
Wave/MP3 player Play/Pause, Stop/Reset
Bass to Treble On/Off
Bass&Chord Drum Link On/Off
Octave Down, 0, Up (for Treble and Orchestra) 10 User Program memories


Display LED, 3 x 7 segments
Rated power output 2 x 11W RMS
Speakers 2 x 10cm speakers (neodymium transducer magnets)
Power supply Batteries (AA-type rechargeable Ni-MH x 10), Supplied PSB-7U adaptor: AC117V, 220V, 230V, 240V
Onboard Connectors OUTPUT sockets (L/Mono, R/Mono), PHONES socket USB memory port, MIDI OUT/IN socket (function adjustable via MIDI parameter), DC IN socket: for supplied Roland PSB-7U adaptor
Supplied accessories External AC adapter, Owner’s Manual, Reference caps for the bass buttons, Reference caps for the treble buttons (FR-3X button type), Accordion cloth, Straps, Battery holder (pre-installed in compartment)
Options Accordion soft bag

Size and Weight

481 mm 18-15/16 inches
270 mm 10-11/16 inches
430 mm 16-15/16 inches
8.3 kg 18 lbs. 5 oz.

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